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Flu Forecasting plus icon. The virological data entered into FluNet eg.

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Diseases causing vomiting diarrhea or abdominal cramping.

Us influenza map. Changes in the environment that may impact human health naturalman-made disaster heat wave volcanic eruption. Influenza Surveillance Report FluView FluView Interactive. Track COVID-19 local and global coronavirus cases with active recoveries and death rate on the map with daily news and video.

WHONREVSS Collaborating Laboratories and ILINet. Overview of Influenza Surveillance in the United States. The weekly FluView report from the CDC also publishes weekly flu maps.

During May 19September 28 2019 surveillance weeks 2139 public health laboratories in the United States tested 7637 respiratory specimens for influenza viruses. For more information please see CDCs Exit Notification and Disclaimer policy. For more information on the methodology please visit Outpatient Illness Surveillance methods section.

The influenza activity reported by state and territorial epidemiologists indicates geographic spread of influenza viruses but does not measure the severity of influenza activity. 1737 227 were positive including 1213 698 for influenza A viruses and 524 302 for influenza B viruses. A map of the United States showing weekly Influenza reports for the week ending January 5 2013 indicates that 47 of the states are reporting widespread geographic influenza activity with California.

Past Weekly Surveillance Reports. This graphic notice means that you are leaving an HHS Web site. Current United States Flu Activity Map.

ILI Activity Indicator Map. ILINet State Activity Indicator Map Widget. FluNet is a global web-based tool for influenza virological surveillance first launched in 1997.

The number of sites reporting each week is variable therefore baselines are adjusted each week based on which sites within each. This graphic notice means that you are leaving an HHS Web siteFor more information please see CDCs Exit Notification and Disclaimer policy. Weekly US Map.

Coronavirus COVID-19 live map tracker from Microsoft Bing. According to surveillance data among 80993 specimens tested at public health laboratories throughout the season 42303 522 were positive for influenza viruses40624 960 were positive for influenza A and 1679 4 for influenza B. Out-patient settings tier 1 inpatient settings and commercial laboratories tier 2 state public health laboratories tier 3 National Influenza Reference Center laboratories tier 4.

Number of influenza viruses detected by subtype are critical for tracking the movement of viruses globally and interpreting the epidemiological data. The curves on this website come from Flu Near You data red and the CDC blue. Help us fight disease.

Diseases characterized by a high body temperature fever. The flu map predicts flu severity county by county across the United States so you can plan ahead and take precautions to avoid the flu both at home and in places where you plan to travel. Activity levels are based on the percent of outpatient visits due to ILI in a jurisdiction compared with the average percent of ILI visits that occur during weeks with little or no influenza virus circulation non-influenza weeks in that jurisdiction.

Heres the CDC map which as you can see is pretty much all the same color indicating the widespread status of the flu in most states. Influenza Positive Tests Reported to CDC panelTitleSurveillance panelTitleArea_Others panelTitleSeason Season week ending panelTitleWeekEnding. Preliminary estimates of the cumulative burden of seasonal influenza during the 2019-2020 season in the United States are based on crude rates of laboratory-confirmed influenza-associated hospitalizations reported through the Influenza Hospitalization Surveillance Network FluSurv-NET which were adjusted for the frequency of influenza testing during recent prior seasons and the sensitivity of influenza.

Among the 1154 seasonal influenza A-positive specimens that were subtyped 324 281 were influenza AH1N1pdm09 and 830 719 were influenza. About CDCs Flu Forecasting Efforts. The percentage of people in the United States experiencing flu-like symptoms.

Influenza Hospitalization Surveillance Network FluSurv-NET Current United States Flu Activity Map. The CDC has released a 2018 flu map tracking how widely influenza has spread this flu season and which states were hit when This seasons deadly flu is all over the continental US. Diseases affecting domestic animals livestock and wildlife.

All time Current flu season Flu season 2018-2019 Flu season 2017-2018 Flu season 2016-2017 CDC. Cess map for characterizing the landscape of US influenza virologic surveillance into 5 tiers of influenza testing. The Center for Disease Control CDC has declared the 2012-2012 flu season to have reached epidemic proportions.

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