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432 Miles As Route 66 left Joplin Missouri westbound it was only a short distance to Kansas and then to the Oklahoma border. One of the most famous attractions along Route 66 the Blue Whale of Catoosa has become a highly-esteemed stop for anyone passing through Oklahoma.

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Oklahoma route 66 map. It quickly entered Commerce and headed southwest through Miami Alton Chelsea Claremore and Tulsa. Oklahoma has played a huge part in that history being centrally located along the route and holding the countrys longest section of Route 66. Louis to Tulsa is considered by some travelers to be the heart of Route 66.

It also includes a clickeable icon for each town city and village. Use TravelOKs map to find and plan your exciting Mother Road trip. It has the the location of each village city and town linked to their webpages with full details on attractions sights Route 66 icons and more.

Once inside Tulsa Route 66 traversed the city east-to-west on 11th Street into downtown crossed the Arkansas River and headed westbound to Sapulpa Davenport Chandler. It also includes a clickeable icon for each town city and village. This map was created by a user.

Its where east meets west linking up the Midwest with the West Coast. 1Blue Whale of Catoosa. Experience Oklahoma City Tulsa and authentic hometowns along the Mother Road where youll meet friendly people and find unique.

The nations longest driveable stretch of Route 66 cuts through Oklahoma making its way past charming towns roadside diners and quirky attractions. Much of this stretch is on I-44 which means lots of exits and county roads but the scenery is often beautiful. Baxter Springs KS to Claremore.

Visit our Oklahoma Route 66 map. Map of Oklahoma Route 66. Stroud to El Reno.

The optional pre-1937 alignment south of Miami known as 9-Foot Hwy is quite rough and gravelly. Route 66 Museum Clinton. The museum is full of artifacts memorabilia signs and much more.

It also displays the different alignments of Route 66 across the state. Oklahoma has the most drivable miles of Historic Route 66 than any other state. Vintage Views of Route 66 Across Oklahoma We have included below a sampling of our collection of vintage travel postcards dealing with Oklahoma and Route 66.

The lines were originally drawn using DeLorme Topo maps and then converted over to KML format. El Reno to Canute. Heavy vehicles should avoid so as to preserve the fragile surface.

The whale which was built by Hugh Davis back in the 1970s as a gift for his wife sits on a public pool surrounded by beautiful trees. 39th Street on US 66 270 Oklahoma City Oklahoma. To learn more about the history of Route 66 and the transportation industry head to Clinton to the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum.

After traveling through Galena Riverton and Baxter Springs Kansas Route 66 entered Commerce Oklahoma and headed southwest through Miami Chelsea Claremore and into Tulsa. Get your kicks on more than 400 miles of Route 66 in Oklahoma. Map of Route 66 through Oklahoma City Map of Route 66 in Oklahoma City click to enlarge The color key to our Map showing Route 66s alignment through the city is the following.

Experience the dust bowl as thousands streamed along the road away from drought and despair and towards the land of promise. Interactive Route 66 map in Oklahoma. Learn how to create your own.

Ad Shop unique distinctive products from a hand-picked collection of boutiques. Ad Shop unique distinctive products from a hand-picked collection of boutiques. The Oklahoma Route 66 road map is divided into 5 sections.

Historic Route 66 alignments Green. It shows the different alignments of highway 66 across the state of Oklahoma. The last alignments were Interstates and are not drawn on the map.

Oklahoma Route 66 Map. This Route 66 map shows most of the alignments that 66 followed. Ben Stanleys Cafe one mile south of Miami Oklahoma on Hiway 66.

Other software I have found very. Map showing the approximate location of Historic Route 66 through Oklahoma City Vintage Views of Oklahoma City The Major Court at 3200 NW. These portray the historic road in its prime and help us to visualize yesterday as we drive Route 66 today.

Below is our Interactive Map of Route 66 in Oklahoma. The stretch of Route 66 from St. Lucilles Service Station.

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