1992 Electoral Map

Clinton carried 32 states and 43 of the popular vote. Bill Clinton the Democratic candidate and Governor of Arkansas won the election.

United States Presidential Election Of 1992 United States Government Britannica

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1992 electoral map. Each state Including the District of Columbia is allocated a number of electors equal to its number of representatives plus two for each of its senators. He defeated the incumbent president George H. 270 electoral votes to win.

Democratic Governor Bill Clinton of Arkansas defeated incumbent Republican President George H. To win the presidency a candidate must win a. The United States Electoral College is a term used to describe the 538 President Electors who meet every 4 years to cast the electoral votes for President and Vice President of the United States.

Clinton won the election that year with 44909806 popular votes and carried 32 states plus the District of Columbia for 370 electoral votes. Clinton got 370 electoral votes Bush got 168 and Perot got 0. Ross Perot received 19741065 votes most ever for a 3rd party candidate but no Electoral Votes.

You will find the web apps particularly useful if you are an elected representative candidate or party worker as they clearly show the electoral constituencies against various scales of mapping background. Find electoral boundaries easily. Popular vote totals from Federal Elections 92.

The electoral map shown below depicts the results of the 1992 US. 2008 2004 2000 1996 1992 1988 1984 1980 1976 1972. Bush who was a Republican and Ross Perot an independent candidate.

The House elections in Michigan in 1992 went 4925 for Democrats and 4776 for the Republicans the Democrats won 11 out of. His victory was the first time that the Golden State had. Map of the 1992 US presidential election results.

In 1992 Bill Clinton ran against incumbent President George HW. Explore constituencies and MPs with electorate info. Latest Election 2012 Polls.

There was one faithless elector in Virginia who cast for the Libertarian ticket resulting in the first ever electoral vote won by a woman. Presidential election in which Richard Nixon defeated George McGovern. Bush won 39104550 popular votes and carried 18 states for 168 electoral votes.

George Bush R Electoral Vote. Bill Clinton defeated Bob Dole with 49 percent of the popular vote and 379 electoral votes. The 1992 United States presidential election was the 52nd quadrennial presidential election held on Tuesday November 3 1992.

54 rows 1992 Electoral College Results. 1992 Presidential Election Interactive Map. Zoom deep and fly.

Nixon carried 49 states and 607 of the popular vote. The 1992 United States presidential election happened on November 3 1992. Bush would have needed to win 6917 of the Perot votes in Michigan to have won the election in the state.

Bill Clinton defeated George H. Bush would have needed an approximately five percentage point 465 swing in his direction to bring enough states with enough electoral votes to surpass the 270 threshold in order to have claimed victory. The electoral map shown below depicts the results of the 1972 US.

The Electoral College is the process in which the United States elects its president. RealClearPolitics - 1992 Electoral College Map. Bush independent businessman Ross Perot of Texas and a number of minor candidatesThis election marked the end of a period of Republican dominance that began in.

A person running for president needs to get 270 to win. 2 Tennessee was the tipping point state in 1992. Clinton D Main Opponent.

California voted for Democratic presidential candidate Bill Clinton. Bush with 43 percent of the popular vote and 370 electoral votes. Michigan went over 51 for Clinton in the 1996 election.

You can launch a map of Great Britain or a map of Northern Ireland. 59 rows The 1992 United States presidential election in California took place on November 3 1992 and was part of the 1992 United States presidential election. California electoral votes now 10 of total.

Maprooms superb online map lets you interact with all 650 Parliamentary seats. 1992 Presidential Election Map. Map of the 1996 US presidential election results.

1980 1984 1988 1992 1996 2000 2004 2006 2008 Electoral College. Greatest concentration since New York in 1868. Presidential election in which Bill Clinton defeated George HW.

Voters chose 54 representatives or electors to the Electoral College who voted for president and vice president. Romney R President Obama Approval. Check out nearly 200 years of election results in the choropleth maps below.

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