World Maps Are Wrong

World Maps Are Wrong. Maps are apparently wrong in some sense due to "Map Projection" being used. Why Every World Map You've Ever Read is Wrong will provide some more ideas about why everything you may have learned about the continents is distorted.

This Interactive Map Shows How Wrong We Picture The World ...
This Interactive Map Shows How Wrong We Picture The World ... (Georgie Lee)
This is the problem with every map you've ever seen, including Google Maps: They're all distorted in an attempt to flatten something spherical. Home Educational program Our maps are wrong: how the world actually looks. How might all this be influencing the way you view the world?

The week we take a look at map projections.

No, Google Maps is not an exception to this rule.

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Great video detailing the complexity of mapping a spherical object. Mental maps are necessarily simplifications, and Nelson suspects the misplaced Americas may be partly a result of their names. These maps were used by sailors to navigate the oceans.

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