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World Map Gall Peters. That means it must distort most of the displayed shapes to achieve. However, I have decided to postpone the incorporation to Maptorian until I clear up some problems with its use.

PPT - Projections I PowerPoint Presentation - ID:2314860
PPT - Projections I PowerPoint Presentation - ID:2314860 (Wesley Lloyd)
Gall-Peters preserves area at the expense of shape and angle, and of course distance (no map projection preserves distance from all points, though some preserve distance involving a certain point). The Gall-Peters projection represents our world more realistically by keeping the real proportions between the sizes of the continents. The northern (and southern) countries are well recognizable.

English: Map of the world in a Gall-Peters cylindrical equal-area projection also known as Gall's orthographic or Peters, with Tissot's Indicatrices of deformation.

When this map was first introduced by historian and cartographer Dr.

Gall- Peters Projection Map

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So yes, it is accurate for comparing size of countries, but it is not accurate for steering a ship. Adaptable to any surface thanks to our various accessories. Creating a map of the world presents a fundamental problem - how to turn the three-dimensional sphere of the Earth into a flat, two-dimensional image.

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